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An interview with the Wizard/ Artist/ Werewolf known as MARTINHEAD


TW: Firstly, please give me a little bio about you (where you grew up, how long you've been working professionally, bla bla bla.)

 MO: I was born and raised in San Diego, CA. I started taking art seriously in my late teens, did some show flyers here and there around my early 20's, but didn't really make a mark there. I could have but I wasn't happy in that city anymore. A drawing instructor I befriended goaded me into producing a portfolio and I submitted it to CalArts and got in. 4 years later, I graduated with a degree in Experimental Animation and moved to Portland to be with my then girlfriend. 2 years after that, around '98, I had my first art show and its been quite a ride ever since--feast or famine, trials and tribulations. In my own opinion however, I only started to become really good at this game around 2007. I'm pretty happy with what I can do now.  


TW: Who/ what are your biggest influences and sources of inspiration?

MO: Frazetta, Richard Corben, Jack Kirby, Jim Flora, Charles Burns, medieval woodcuts, 60's underground comics, ancient art and architecture, early Heavy Metal Magazine, 70's and 80's horror/sci-fi movies, books about the occult and witchcraft, UFOs and other phenomena, Lovecraft, and a lot of my friends art currently. 


TW: What are your favorite metal bands/ albums?

MO: Black Sabbath, High On Fire, Graveyard, Black Cobra, Acid King, Melvins, Pallbearer, Slayer, Motörhead, Orange Goblin, Mercyful Fate, Norska, Lord Dying, Iron Maiden... It's a long list. I think Slayer's South of Heaven album might be as close to absolute perfection as I've ever heard.


TW: What are your favorite metal album covers?

MO: I'm not overly knowledgable here, since I haven't collected vinyl in years...I know the first one to get me thinking "that's what I want to do someday" was Iron Maiden's "Killers". Black Sabbath's "Mob Rules", Slayer "Live Undead", Voivid "War and Pain"...any number of old Metal Blade comps, etc. Nowadays there's some amazing talent handling album cover art (Arik Roper, Sam Ford, Skinner), but I still like those crude drawings on indie label LPs from the 80's too.


TW: What are your favorite concert experiences?

MO: Geez...I'm aging myself here, but fuck it--I saw Iron Maiden on both the original tours for Piece of Mind and Powerslave, Motley Crüe for Shout at the Devil... Those were memorable. I suppose the Melvins 25th Anniversary in 2009 might be the one though--it was an incredible show, one catered to diehard fans like me. They played all of Houdini and a ton of deep cuts I'd always wanted to hear. Sleep/YOB in 2011 was another one for the record. I don't see a lot of shows like I used to.  


TW: Are there any bands, books, movies we should be on the look for? 

MO: Don't ask me to name bands, I'm always a few steps behind everyone else when it comes to that. Holy Grove are starting to make some thunder here in Portland so watch out for them for sure. Norska, Hungers, Black Pussy, might as well get my other friends bands out there too! I recently bought the Liber Null because I'm interested in Chaos Magick and another on making sigils and how to use them. WITCHES by Colin Wilson. It's an older book from  1981 and its lushly illustrated by artist Una Woodruff. Movies I don't have suggestions for but there is this YouTube channel called Xendrius. It's a bunch of Christian paranoid conspiracy slanted videos where everything is of course controlled by Satan. Maybe it's because all the religious shows I used to see in the 80s warning me of the evils of Metal (when all they really did was inform me of which records to go buy), but I love this kind of stuff. They have a series on there all about stage/street magicians and how they're actually using demons to perform their tricks. They have just the right amount of "oh, c'mon this is bullshit--but hey wait, it's kind of creepy if you allow yourself to believe it" kind of vibe.

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