TIMEWARRIOR Presents: SAVAGE MASTER, BEWITCHER, and HECTIC SHOCK LIVE at the High Water Mark 10/15/15 (REVIEW) Posted on 18 Oct 00:00 , 0 comments


The night was Thursday, October 15th 2015. The satanic southerners SAVAGE MASTER had arrived to deliver death to all of the TIMEWARRIOR's in Portland, OR. Joining them for this performance of pain were Portland's own BEWITCHER and HECTIC SHOCK. 

TIMEWARRIOR Presents: Savage Master Flyer


Starting the night were the four women in HECTIC SHOCK perform bone-bashing skate-death-thrash at the velocity of a kick-flip straight to hell. Raw, ferocious, mean and nasty! 

Hectic Shock LIVE! Photo by Alyssa Herman 


Next up were black-thrash-n-roll BEWITCHER! This enthralling three-piece summon darkness and debauchery with songs like "Midnight Hunters" and "Speed 'till You Bleed". 

Matt of Bewitcher. Photo by Alyssa Herman

Andy of Bewitcher


Closing satanic ceremonies brought us SAVAGE MASTER all the way from Kentucky. This five-piece fronted by the sexy siren Stacy Savage is what a true old-school metal band should be about. Killer riffs, chains, JCM 800's, leather, tits, glasses under hoods, satan, and FIRE! Buy their debut full-length "Mask of the Devil" and EP "Black Hooves" and prepare to bow before your head explodes. 

Savage Master LIVE. Photo by Alyssa Herman.

Savage Master LIVE! Photo by Alyssa Herman.

Savage Master LIVE! Photo by Alyssa Herman

A huge thanks to Alyssa Herman of Foto Phortress for documenting the show and all of incredible bands and fans for making this another successful TIMEWARRIOR Presents event. See you next time, maniacs!