TIMEWARRIOR Presents: SKULL FIST, Spellcaster, and Maniak LIVE at the Tonic Lounge 1/27/15 (Review) Posted on 02 Feb 18:54 , 0 comments


 On Tuesday, January 27th 2015 We had the pleasure of hosting Canadian Heavy Metal party shredders SKULL FIST at the Tonic Lounge in Portland, OR. Also performing at this TIMEWARRIOR Presents show were Portland metal titans Spellcaster and Maniak. This was also the debut of the Molten Metal Merch booth Mach 1. WHAT A GREAT FUCKIN' NIGHT!

 Maniak kicked off the evening with their blistering brand of bone busting brilliance with songs like "Witche's Cave", "Wizard's Wrath", "Speed Fucking Metal", and more. This is one of the BEST bands Portland has seen for quite some time. Check em' out!


 Spellcaster then took the stage with unmistakable power and force. Their newest LP "Spellcaster" finds them exploring somewhat more mature territory and branching out into more technical songwriting and playing. Spellcaster are definitely best described as EPIC. Word has it, they have a new record in the works. Speed it up, dudes!


 SKULL FIST. HOLY SHIT. Increeeeeeedible live band! I have been obsessed with their new album "Chasing The Dream" since it came out early last year. It's fun, catchy, virtuosic, perfectly paced, and rad. Coincidentally the band was nominated for a JUNO Award (Canadian equivalent of a Grammy) the day of the show. TAKE HOME THE TROPHY, BOYS! YOU GOT MY VOTE! If you haven't yet, listen to SKULL FIST all day everyday. I can't wait to bring these guys back through town.


 Thanks to everyone that came to the show and had their faces melted off and brought home some Molten Metal Merchandise. See you at the next one!