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Power and Dominance

 For a true TIMEWARRIOR, the quest for power and dominance over the untrue is a never-ending one. The quantity one can obtain of both power and dominance is limitless, so the pursuit should never cease. 

 There are enemies every where. Every time a ticket is purchased for a Bon Jovi show, every time a head is banged to drivel like Great White, and every time a fist is pumped to Van Hagar, a poser is born. TIMEWARRIORS must be vigilant, and ready to strike to keep the enemy’s ranks from growing.

 Unfortunately, TIMEWARRIORS have to follow the laws of society when dealing with such fools. So, we can’t unsheathe tempered steel, lop their heads off in the streets, and bathe victoriously in their blood like we may desire. Our offensive must be a mental one, and the most effective weapon at our disposal, is an auditory attack. 

 Excessive volume can establish power and dominance in EVERY situation. Melt their feeble minds! Rupture their eardrums! Make the weak scurry through sonic terror! A true TIMEWARRIOR is not susceptible to the strains of intense volume, so the louder the better. 

 There are many bands one can yield to crush any poser within earshot, but the most potent one, is Manowar.

 Manowar doesn’t give names to their records like Louder Than Hell, or write songs like “All Men Play On 10” because they are privy to how loud Satan cranks his tape deck, or because rhyming is clever. They do it because they give no quarter to those they oppose. Manowar doesn’t bow down to sapless scum like Poison fans. Manowar are the Kings of Metal for a reason. And that reason, is because they claimed their throne with the might of their volume. 

 Keeping a copy of Battle Hymns close, and on as many formats as possible is a must for any TIMEWARRIOR who is to be ready at any given moment to squash puny non-believers. Volume is power, and POWER establishes DOMINANCE


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TIMEWARRIOR: Molten Metal Merchandise Presents Metal Blade recording artists VISIGOTH! Touring in support of their critically acclaimed new album "The Revenant King" , this band of Salt Lake City barbarians are here to conquer and destroy! Mighty metallers, Spellcaster and axe wizards Tanagra will open the show for a night of POWER METAL PANDEMONIUM. Raise your swords and shields! $8 at the door.

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 Cupid must have watched Rambo this year, because long-haired love was in the air! On February 2nd, we launched series 1 of our Heavy Metal Heroes Valentines Day Cards to more fanfare than I could possibly imagine! Not only did local Portland shops like Rock & Rose and Crafty Wonderland snatch up some sets to sell, but they were also a part of the Love Bites 2 Art Show at Sizzle Pie in Eugene, OR and the Loves Me Not Art Show by Pony Club Gallery in Portland, OR. What an honor to be included with amazing artists like Sean Aäberg, Metal Matt Stikker, Burrito Breath, Screedler, Martin Ontiveros, Jennifer Parks, Sabrina Jackson, Orion Landau, and so many others! Pizza Party HQ also included our Ozzy card in their Love Bites 2: Denim and Leather Art Card set (which you can purchase HERE!)!!!

 In addition to all of this radness, The Valentine's were picked up by a TON of websites and went VIRAL! We were featured on Metal Sucks, Rolling Stone (Spanish), Metal Injection, Dangerous Minds, Metal Insider, BREAK, Metal Hammer (Germany), AUX, Pure Volume, Official Motorhead Facebook, Official Ronnie James Dio Facebook, Official Anthrax Facebook, Iron Fist, and many more! We were also tweeted by singer/songwritter Ryan Adams (how weird!)!!!

 What a whirlwind of insanity! A HUGE thank you to everyone that purchased, shared, liked, commented, posted, promoted our Heavy Metal Heroes Valentine's Day Cards! Stay tuned for Volume II in 2016!!!




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The dawning of a new age. An age that is like an old age, but somehow new. Confused yet?!?

TIMEWARRIOR: Molten Metal Merchandise is HERE!

Following our successful Kickstarter in November 2014, I have been hard at work turning TIMEWARRIOR into a reality. Building this business has been the most fun/ stressful projects of my life, and let me tell you, this is only the beginning! Finding the right printers/ suppliers/ manufacturers has been a daunting task, but the finished products have FAR exceeded my expectation. Between hand folding/ hole-punching/ stapling header cards, hand hang-tagging/ folding/ bagging the T-shirts, Illustrating new designs and promo materials, flyering/ postering/ promoting/ event booking, TIMEWARRIOR is true DIY and a labor of LOVE, man. TONS of new products coming your way this year, and especially in the next 2 months, including the FIRST EVER Portland, OR Heavy Metal compilation album on vinyl and cassette. Stay tuned, Stay Hungry, and stay up-to-date by following our instagramfacebook, tumblr, and twitter pages! Whew!

See you in Hell,  maniacs.