time·war·rior \ˈtīmwȯr-yər\, n. 1. a person that belongs to an army of immortals who are hell bent on defending the faith of Heavy Metal [2014]


 Straight out of the pages of 1980's metal magazines, TIMEWARRIOR: Molten Metal Merchandise harkens back to the Heavy Metal days of ol' where denim and leather reigned supreme! Albums are cranked on vinyl and cassette. Whammy bar is king.  Records come with order forms. Posers are beaten. Chains. Spikes. Chrome. Motorcycles. Swords. Sorcery. Rocktober Blood. Snakes. Skulls. Blood. Spiderwebs. Hell. Horror. Nuclear War. Dungeons. Dragons. Pointy Guitars. Fingerless Gloves. Poofy White Sneakers. Leather Boots. Medievel Weaponry. Get the picture yet, dude?!?

 Here it is again. Brace yourself.  YOU are a TIMEWARRIOR!


-Brian Cräbaugh


TIMEWARRIOR: Molten Metal Merchandise

Portland, OR USA